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"When I needed help organizing my master closet, Amanda, from ASK Organizing Solutions, stepped in and helped me discard some clothes that I never wore anymore.  Then she taught me a new way to fold and store my clothes, so they would take up less space and I could see everything I owned at first glance.  Amanda brought out the beauty in my closet.

I loved her work so much that I hired her again to sort and store my daughter's toys."

- EM

"My family moved into a temporary rental while we were building a new house.  The closets were small and oddly placed, with lots of storage in the basement only.  Amanda helped me unpack the boxes for my bedroom (which were extremely poorly packed by the movers since they literally just dumped drawers into the boxes), and we managed to purge several bags worth of old clothing, before she showed me how to fold my clothes so that they took up half the drawer space!  She even involved my daugther with folding my husband's socks.  I was amazed and so was my husband when he saw the end result.

I'm looking forward to having Amanda help me unpack and organize in my new house."


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